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  • Africa Congress of Accountants 2019


    Morocco aspires to join the sphere of emerging countries, to expand on the continental scale and to position itself as a hub deploying a genuine South-South cooperation.

    Since its creation in 1993, the Order of Chartered Accountants is working hard to reach the national objectives. As a regulator and institutional partner of the public authorities, it supports various projects with structuring impact:

    1. accounting standards
    2. clarification of tax rules
    3. clarification of legal rules
    4. improvement of the business climate

    The Order of Chartered Accountants has been serving the economy for 25 years and working for a strong and sustainable Profession.

    Indeed, the accountancy profession in Morocco, thanks to its 630 members, works to achieve a high value added for the economy. Being open to its local and continental environment, it is also concerned about the gender component, which is essential for socio-economic development.

    The technical hindsight and the multidisciplinary expertise of the Chartered Accountants help to stimulate debates, enlighten the board of directors, guide the leaders and implement the appropriate actions. The benefits of using a Chartered Accountant are numerous and serve both the improvement of the management of the company and the quality of financial information.

    The Chartered Accountancy profession is the only well-equipped profession to carry out audit missions.

    In fact, the Chartered Accountants followed the necessary training, completed regulated internships and have to respect the international auditing standards.

    In addition, the Professional Order, thanks to its role as a regulator, monitors ethics, deontology, independence, competence (initial and continuous training) and the multidisciplinarity of its members.

    Using a Chartered Accountant represents thus a lever for modernization of management methods and a performance accelerator.

    Thanks to the multiplicity of our expertise, we are the right arm of business leaders throughout their history. In a changing world, we also are their main ally. Our profession is also changing. This change fosters a new energy and gives us a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

    At the international level, the profession is full member of 5 federations:

    1. International Federation of Accountants (IFAG)

    2. Panafrican Federation of Accountants (PAFA)

    3. Federation of French Accountants (FIDEF)
    4. Federation of Mediterranean Accountants (FCM)
    5. Arab Federation of Accountants and Auditors (AFAA)

    In order to continue supporting the local and African strategic dynamics, we regularly intervene to reinforce the capacities of our members by the design of specialized and highly qualified trainings, consistent with the best practices, sometimes avant-gardist, which allow us to evolve at the same level as our environment and to serve our customers.

    To share our challenges, our actions, our successes, we invite you to regularly follow us and to interact with our various bodies.



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