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  • Africa Congress of Accountants 2019

    Other informations

    Other information

    Language : The official language of Morocco is Arabic. The Berber language is also recognized as an official language by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Morocco. French is commonly used.

    Currency :The currency unit is the Moroccan dirham. The reference rate, as of 18December, 2018, is: US $ 1 = MAD 9.50 / Euro 1 = MAD 10.86.

    Power supply and voltage :The standard voltage is 220 volts and the standard frequency 50 hertz. Outlets are type C and E, also known as standard “Euro” outlets.

    Climate :The month of June is simply the perfect season to visit Marrakech. The summer season announces an ideal climate with very mild temperatures in the morning descending to 20 ° C and can climb up to 34 ° C. Note that in Marrakech, the sun rises very early and is omnipresent throughout the day whose duration is equivalent to nearly 14 hours on average.